The Prefect team is led by the Senior Prefects, including the Head of School. They are all integral to school life and support staff whilst playing an active role in the School’s community. Sixth Form students may also be elected as a key member of their House Committee, perhaps as House Captain or Sports Captain.

Every student has the potential to gain some level of responsibility, which proves invaluable when crafting a strong application to university. There are many opportunities:

  • A member of the Common Room Committee.
  • Head of the School Council.
  • Head of pupils new to the School.
  • Head of Prefects’ Detentions.
  • A member of the Duty Team.
  • A Form Manager.
  • Assist in directing a school play
  • Run a sport club
  • Lead a music ensemble
  • Support others at the Maths Clinic
  • Support younger pupils with their reading skills
  • Become an Assistant Duke of Edinburgh Leader
  • An AGT English, Maths or Science Mentor
  • Sixth Form Librarian
  • Sixth Form Photographer

“Staff and students are so welcoming. The atmosphere is great.”