Examination board: EDEXCEL



Paper 1 Listening, Reading and Translation into English

Paper 2 Essay on a film or a text and translation into French

Paper 3 Speaking (2 Tasks maximum speaking time 15 mins for both tasks). You will also have preparation time) Task 1 is based on theme 1 and Task 2 is based on theme 2.


Paper 1 Listening, Reading and Translation into English

Paper 2 Two Essays on a film studied at AS and a book or play and translation into French

Paper 3 Speaking

Task 1 Students discuss one of the themes from AS or A-level based on a stimulus containing two different statements.

Task 2, Part 1 independent research presentation. Part 2 discussion on independent research.

Theme 1:

● Changes to family life.

● Education System

● World of Work.

Theme 2:

● Changes in music.

● Media and politics

● Festivals and Traditions


Theme 3:

● Positive Impact of Immigration on French society.

● Challenges of Immigration and Integration

● Rise of the far right

Theme 4:

● Occupation of France during World War 2

● The Vichy Regime.

● The Resistance


Theme 1:

• Nature and the Environmental Awareness

• Education

• World of Work.

Theme 2:

• Music

• Media

• Role of Festivals and Traditions


Theme 3:

• The positive effects of immigration

• The challenges of immigration and integration

• The public and social response to immigration

Theme 4:

• Society in East Germany before reunification.

• Events leading to reunification.

• Germany since reunification.

Why learn French?  Why learn German?  Everyone speaks English!!

We have heard this so many times but we still cannot deny the fact that there is a desperate need for Modern Linguists at all levels of society.  As such an A level language is a very valuable commodity indeed.  These days many university departments are short of linguists – you will definitely be wanted!  Many students who have studied a language in the Sixth Form choose to continue their language, either as a qualification in its own right, or as part of a degree course in another subject eg: Business Studies plus a language, or a Science subject with a language, allowing you the opportunity to study abroad for a year.

There are many varied career paths for a language student within education, business, the civil service, law, journalism.  (A former Stafford Grammar School linguist was offered the opportunity to work for the British intelligence and security agency GCHQ as a translator). The attractions of being able to work abroad are also a strong incentive; a modern language definitely looks good on your CV!

What skills will I gain by studying a language at Stafford Grammar School?

Besides refining your GCSE language skills you will develop your debating and discussion skills and will be able to tackle topics relevant to the life of a young adult today.  Lesson activities will include brainstorming ideas, debates, listening to and reading texts followed by discussion, language manipulation, presentations etc.  Students are encouraged to watch foreign language films both for pleasure and as part of the course.

Students embarking on a post-16 language course will be encouraged to visit the relevant country during the course.  The department also arranges visits to lectures and seminars offered by organisations such as the Gœthe Institut and French and German departments of local universities.


The speaking test terrifies me.  Is it really difficult?

The Speaking test at both AS and A-Level currently takes only 15 minutes – hardly any longer than at GCSE – and is conducted by your own teacher.  You will know well in advance what to expect and will be able to prepare yourself thoroughly.  It is a scary experience, yes, but we try to make it as stress-free as possible!

Do I have to speak French/German all the time?

As a department we are very lucky to have 2 native speakers (Herr Kirsch – German; Madame Weetman – French) and we do try to conduct the lessons using a significant amount of the target language, but you will be taught the language you need to ask for help and we will constantly check that you understand what is going on and explain if you don’t.