Examination Board: OCR

Mathematics is a traditionally academic subject held in high regard as one of the more challenging subjects available to study at A level.  For some students, it is a chance to finally meet a challenge within their Mathematical education.  Many of our Sixth Form students opt for Mathematics making it very popular, with more than three quarters of our AS Mathematics students continuing to A Level.

Why do Mathematics at SGS?

As a department we have the staff with experience and knowledge to teach all branches of Mathematics: Pure, Further Pure, Mechanics, Statistics and Decision.  You will be part of a small class where individual attention is frequent.  You can be sure that you will be supported individually in a unique way appropriate to you.

We welcome students who wish to develop their logic and understanding of this subject, and encourage them to share their love of the subject with lower school students, with our Sixth Formers playing an important role in helping the department make the subject accessible to all students in the lower school through mentoring and tutoring.

Our department aims are to encourage students to:

  • understand mathematics and mathematical processes in a way that promotes confidence, fosters enjoyment and provides a strong foundation for progress to further study
  • extend their range of mathematical skills and techniques
  • apply mathematics in other fields of study and be aware of the relevance of mathematics to the world of work and to situations in society in general
  • use their mathematical knowledge to make logical and reasoned decisions in solving problems both within pure mathematics and in a variety of contexts, and communicate the mathematical rationale for these decisions clearly

How is the course structured and what will I learn?

The new AS level course, planned for first teaching in September 2017, provides a broad and widely applicable base of mathematical knowledge, including rigorous treatment of calculus and proof alongside statistics and mechanics, preparing learners for a wide range of destinations in Higher Education and employment.

Pure Mathematics develops topics such as algebra, trigonometry and geometry but new topics such as differentiation and integration are also covered.

Mechanics looks mainly at the motion of objects and how they respond to forces acting upon them.

Statistics looks at data handling, analysis, presentation and probability.

AS examination is through two papers of equal length with equal weighting: ‘Pure Mathematics and Statistics’ and ‘Pure Mathematics and Mechanics’.

The full A level course is examined through 3 papers with equal weighting.  ‘Pure Mathematics’, ‘Pure Mathematics and Statistics’ and ‘Pure Mathematics and Mechanics’. These papers cover all topics taught during the 2 years of Sixth Form and will also include use of a pre-release data set for Statistics.

Is this course suitable for me?

Students should have confidently completed the Higher GCSE Tier examination, with a grade 7 as a minimum requirement for entry onto the Mathematics AS Level course at SGS.

What career paths can this lead to?

An A level in Mathematics is a valuable qualification that is always in demand in both the employment markets and universities. Career opportunities range from financial and economic planning through management services, to scientific, medical and industrial research, engineering and computing.