Examination Board: AQA

Drama & Theatre Studies is one of the most varied, exciting and challenging A Level subjects. You’ll develop skills and confidence that will stand you in good stead whatever your career ambitions.

“Developing an understanding to then produce an entirely original piece of your own is highly rewarding… and lots of fun.”

The Course

Drama and Theatre Studies at A Level allows students to study the theoretical aspects of drama combined with a practical application of skills through performance. The qualification is designed to enable you to acquire a knowledge and understanding of the language of drama and theatre as well as to develop as an individual performer your analytical skills. You will practically explore plays, create original pieces of theatre, analyse your own work along with live productions in order to develop your understanding of the social, historical and cultural context of theatre.

Why choose Drama and Theatre Studies

The course is aimed at those who have a genuine interest in theatre and the process by which theatre is made: the progression a script goes through in its transfer from page to stage; the roles of the director, actor and designer, and the influence that various practitioners of theatre through history have had on modern theatre practice. This is a demanding subject that requires in depth research, attendance to live theatre and critical and evaluative skills.

Personal Development

The communication and inter-personal skills acquired through drama are becoming increasingly sought after by employers. The skills you will build working with others are transferable to any work or study context.