Design & Technology: Product Design

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What topics are covered?

AS level:
Topic 1: Materials
Topic 2: Performance characteristics of materials
Topic 3: Processes and techniques
Topic 4: Digital technologies
Topic 5: Factors influencing the development of products
Topic 6: Effects of technological developments
Topic 7: Potential hazards and risk assessment

A2 level:
Topic 8: Features of manufacturing industries
Topic 9: Designing for maintenance and the cleaner environment
Topic 10: Current legislation
Topic 11: Information handling, Modelling and forward planning
Topic 12: Further processes and techniques.

Principles of Design and Technology Topics 1-7 are common
topics to both AS and A level.

Why study product design at SGS?

In studying product design at SGS, students will benefit from a range of highly experienced design staff that is able to offer them the experience of designing and making products to a high commercial quality. All aspects of modern and traditional technology are considered and it is envisaged that the students
will be able to make discerning choices as to which techniques are fit for purpose. The broad range of knowledge that students gather will enable them to critically evaluate designs of the twentieth and twenty first centuries. This will give them the skills to design and make their own products which in every way are equal to or better than those which can be purchased commercially

What skills can I gain from studying product design?

In studying product design at Stafford Grammar School, students will develop a clear understanding of design in society and how in the creation process, aestheticism and sustainability must be considered at all times. Students are
given the opportunity to develop their creative, technical and practical skills as well as considering social, moral, spiritual and cultural values inherent in design and technology activities. All aspects of designing and making are taught which include such topics as; plastics fabrication, wood and
metal construction, computer graphic design, architectural modelling, interior design, commercial packaging and advertising.

What career paths would this subject be suitable for?

Product Design A level offers a vast range of career opportunities which can include; architecture, commercial product design, interior design and  computer graphic design, as well as film, television and theatre set design.

What trips occur during the course?

Students regularly visit the Design Museum, Victoria and Albert museum and the Design Technology show at the NEC.
Collaborative courses are run with local universities and architectural visits to Barcelona and Venice are planned

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