Computer Science

Examination Board: OCR

Why take Computer Science?

Computer Science is both a practical and academic subject
where students can apply the principles learned in the
classroom to real-world systems. It is an intensely creative
subject that combines invention and excitement.

The aim of the course is to develop:

  • An understanding and ability to apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including: abstraction, decomposition, logic, algorithms and data representation
  • The ability to analyse problems in computational terms through practical experience of solving such problems, including writing programs to do so.
  • The capacity to think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically.
  • The capacity to see relationships between different aspects of computer science.
  • Mathematical and logical skills.
  • The ability to articulate the individual (moral), social (ethical), legal and cultural opportunities and risks of digital technology.

What skills will I gain from studying Computer Science?

It will provide insight into, and experience of how computer science works, stimulating curiosity and encouraging you to engage with computer science in your everyday lives and to make informed choices about further study or career choices.
The key features of Computer Science include:

  • An emphasis on problem solving using computers.
  • An emphasis on computer programming and algorithms.
  • An emphasis on the mathematical skills used to express computational laws and processes, e.g. Boolean algebra/logic and algorithm comparison
  • Less emphasis on ICT.

Being among the most technologically educated population will put you in a great position for many careers or further fields of study.

What careers or further study would this subject be suitable for?

Computer Science is suitable for students intending to pursue any career in which an understanding of technology is needed. It will provide students with a range of transferable skills which will facilitate personal growth and has links in areas such as maths, science and design and technology.

Computer Science is a very creative subject and skills such as problem solving and analytical thinking will all be refined and explored as students progress through the course.

What trips occur during the course?

Bletchley Park – the ‘birthplace’ of Computing

Do I need to have done GCSE ICT or Computer Science?

No. The course is designed to be accessible to any student whether or not they have studied ICT or Computing at GCSE.

Can I take Computer Science just as an AS Level?

Yes. An AS level qualification will give you a sound grounding in the  fundamentals of computing and programming techniques.

What subjects does Computing go well with?

Computing has traditional links to mathematics, physics, chemistry and design technology but the skills gained will be useful no matter what path you follow.

Staff delivering the course Mr Johnson.